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Evaluating Website Resources

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Title: Evaluating Website Resources
Author: Hough, Helen
Abstract: At many workplaces there is one person known for sharing interesting bits of information by forwarding e-mails or bringing in newspaper and Internet articles. While cartoons and jokes may be amusing, sometimes the information is composed of doubtful facts, including terrible crime threats, political scandals, and unusual medical treatments. The same stories that might have been kindly dismissed when discussed in the break room are somehow thought to be more substantial and reliable because they are in print. Casually judging the value of these stories is easy when the outcome is unimportant. The evaluation of information is more difficult when the outcome is more significant, such as when people’s health or lives are involved. The provision of good health care should be supported by current, reliable, and authoritative information. Evaluating sources is an important health care skill.
Description: KEY POINTS • The evaluation of websites can be made easier by using relevancy and reliability criteria. • The contents of webpages are relevant when they meet the needs of the viewers in terms of content purpose, coverage, language, and timeliness. • Reliability can be assessed when there is information about the author and hosting site along with contact data, good spelling and grammar, and the date of creation. • Most importantly, viewers have to trust their knowledge and determine if the information is accurate, objective, and supported by appropriate references and links. • Use of a tool can make systematic evaluation of websites consistent, particularly when these resources are needed as information support in a perioperative nursing project.
Date: 2012-06
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