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Cyber Diving: Information Searching

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Title: Cyber Diving: Information Searching
Author: Hough, Helen
Abstract: As health care providers, we want to be able to provide the best care to our patients. Occasionally we observe that some caring process may not be the most effective it could or should be. Some of these processes are direct patient interactions, disease prevention, and intervention, but the idea of best care can be related to the timeliness and cost of that care. Best care is based on evidence indicating that the care provided is the best that can be done and that it is done at the most appropriate level. This evidence is derived through research and expert consensus efforts. The evidence is then documented and published so it can be disseminated to the health care providers who need it. Continuing education is one way of renewing our knowledge and discovering some of the most common methods of providing quality care. When questions arise related to a specific local provision of care, a person may need to create the time to investigate these perceived problems. Sharing the solutions through inservice, teaching, and writing for publication can also benefit others outside of an immediate practice and thereby improve care for all.
Description: KEY POINTS • Formal analysis of a research problem can help structure a literature search. • Different Internet search engines have many useful features for focusing the search. • Understanding the provenance of documents also focuses the search. • Search engines and literature databases use special commands called Boolean operators to combine search terms. • Using these techniques when searching in Internet search engines, Google Scholar, and specialized databases including PubMed, CINAHL, and PsycInfo yields excellent results. • In addition to immediate full-text or purchase there are several other options that perioperative nurses can use to obtain discovered resources.
Date: 2012-06
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