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Title: Nursing Informatics
Author: Baker, Joy Don
Abstract: Nursing informatics (NI) is both a system and a science. A system brings order or method and is a coordinated arrangement of working elements or organisms.1,2 Science is a systematic acquisition of knowledge, especially knowledge that can be precisely measured. If we think of body systems such as cardiovascular, respiratory, skin, and so forth, none of these can operate independent of the other, and often controlling or supporting changes in related systems. NI functions in the same way. A system may also use science to acquire knowledge for precise measurement just as the body uses incremental changes in blood flow, which will change the extremity vascular system outcome. NI uses both a system process and scientific data.
Description: Key points - • Nursing informatics is both a system and a science. • Shift in health care system from experiential to longitudinal focus. • Application opportunities for informatics in perioperative practice, administration, education, and research. • Issues of accessibility represent both challenges and opportunities.
Date: 2012-06
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