Nonprofit Employee Recognition: An Intrinsically-based Program

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Nonprofit Employee Recognition: An Intrinsically-based Program

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Title: Nonprofit Employee Recognition: An Intrinsically-based Program
Author: Barker, Alicia
Abstract: This study hypothesizes that nonprofit employees will choose non-monetary motivational factors based on intrinsic values over monetary factors such as better pay, benefits, etc. when asked what is most important. Limited funding plays an important role in dictating the means of recognizing employees who have gone above and beyond their expected job duties. Both qualitative and quantitative methods have been used in order to gather the most comprehensive data. A group interview was conducted to assist in generating ideas with regards to an intrinsically-based recognition program. A job motivational survey was distributed amongst the employees in order to understand the needs of nonprofit employees. Based on the results from the motivational survey and the information gathered from the group interview, nonprofit employees do, in fact, choose intrinsically-based recognition over extrinsic rewards.
Date: 2011-03-03

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