Explorations in Common Sense and Common Nonsense

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Explorations in Common Sense and Common Nonsense

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Title: Explorations in Common Sense and Common Nonsense
Author: Levine, Daniel S.
Description: Table of Contents for Explorations in Common Sense and Common Nonsense Daniel S. Levine Preface Acknowledgments "Bumper Sticker Statements" PART I: HUMAN NATURE AND ITS PARADOXES Chapter 1: Beliefs Matter! Case 1: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Case 2: Entrenched Social Systems Case 3: Judgment Under Uncertainty Irrationality and the Brain Brains, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Society "The Good I Will I Do Not..." The Brain and Human Nature Chapter 2: Neural Networks: Not Just Clever Computers Current Uses of Neural Networks in Neuroscience and Psychology The Microstructure of Cognition Chapter 3: What Do People Really Want? What is Self-Actualization? The Hierarchy of Needs and the Drive Reduction Concept Hedonistic Neurons and Maximal Utility Drive Representations and Frontal Lobes Neurosis Versus Long-term Reinforcement Reason and Emotion Revisited Chapter 4: Actuality Versus Optimality What Evolution Can and Can't Tell Us Multiple Stable States Power Inequalities War, and Excessive Fear of Danger Repression of Feelings Some Neural Prototypes of Nonoptimal Behavior Optimism or Pessimism? tab.gif (836 bytes)PART II: COGNITIVE APPROACHES TO SELF-ACTUALIZATION Chapter 5: How We Make Categories and Constructs Personal Constructs Probabilities and Certainties Tendencies Are Not Unbreakable Cortical Versus Limbic Categorizations? A Tentative Neurochemical Theory Chapter 6: Remaining Open to Change The Lessons of Coke Looking the Dragon in the Face Taming the Dragon The Psychology of Role Playing and Role Breaking Unfreezing Our Neural Networks Chapter 7: Negotiating Cognitive Dissonance Levels of Mental Conflict Resolution Self-actualization as Optimal Cognition Global Versus Local and Part Versus Whole How Can Our Brains Meet More of Our Needs? Self-actualization and Information Processing Norepinephrine, Serotonin, and Pattern Classification Promoting Global Thinking Chapter 8: Self-actualization as Creative Synthesis Reason and Emotion Mysticism (or Religion) and Science Pragmatism and Idealism Selfishness and Altruism Playfulness and Seriousness "Masculinity" and "Femininity" A Duty For Our Neural Networks Chapter 9: Therapy, for the Person and Society Philosophical Ideals Social Experiments Aesthetic and Religious Experiments Implications for Psychotherapy Focusing on Health, Not Disease Building Healthy Work Places and Organizations Implications for Politics tab.gif (836 bytes)PART III: WHERE CAN WE TAKE OUR WISDOM? Chapter 10: What You Get is More Than What You See Nature and Nurture Revisited Add Disinhibition Prophecies of Doom What Sometimes Passes for Common Sense "There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth ..." An Attitude of Hope Chapter 11: Brain Science for Humanity Understanding Daily Life The Social Brain and the Frontal Lobes Participatory Democracy The Lessons of Dynamical Systems Theory Science Versus "Scientism" Chapter 12: The Compassionate Revolution Calhoun's Historical Schema Population, Environment, and the World Food Supply A New Equality of the Sexes Obligation Without Coercion Tolerance and Diversity Fun! Go Now in Peace
Date: 2010

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