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Statistical Analysis Of Rock Fabrics

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Title: Statistical Analysis Of Rock Fabrics
Author: Avdeev, Boris
Abstract: The main goal of the work is to present new procedures for statistical analysis of fabric data for structural geology. After an introduction to the problems of orientation analysis, discussion of different types of the orientation data and a brief review of the existing techniques and statistics for the orientation data, a comprehensive discussion of several proposed methods is given. The first part of the methodology chapter states a general model in terms of a structural frame and introduces some notation. The second part is a detailed description of a pooled estimator, which is intended to assess a structural frame mean orientation using different sorts of data simultaneously. The third part is a discussion of a regression model in a transformed space. Four sub-models are derived and a method for fitting is provided. This chapter ends with a brief coverage of a problem of spatial autocorrelation. Next chapter presents a sample analysis of the Kukas lake structure of the Baltic shield, North West Russia. This dataset is analized by all the models. The obtained trends and orientations are plotted in various ways. A residual analysis for the models closes the chapter.
Date: 2007-08-23
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