Parametric Cycle Analysis For Pulse Detonation Engines

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Parametric Cycle Analysis For Pulse Detonation Engines

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Title: Parametric Cycle Analysis For Pulse Detonation Engines
Author: Hekiri, Haider
Abstract: The performance of an ejector-driven pulse detonation engine (PDE) with an afterburner is analytically estimated. In the analysis, the PDE was modeled as a straight tube, closed at the front end and open at the other. A detonation wave starts to travel after it is ignited at the closed end, causing a Chapman-Jouguet detonation wave followed by a Taylor rarefaction to travel to the open end. At that point, rarefaction waves are reflected back to the closed end. The result is a high thrust due to both the primary and secondary flows of the ejector-driven PDE. A theoretical analysis is made to determine the average thrust density and the impulse density per cycle of the primary flow. The mixed flow of the PDE tube and the ejector is then subjected to afterburning. The overall engine performance was eventually derived.
Date: 2007-08-23
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