New Developments Of The Deformation Method

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New Developments Of The Deformation Method

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Title: New Developments Of The Deformation Method
Author: Liu, Jie
Abstract: New developments of deformation method for grid generation are presented in this work. Theorems for three different cases and different methods for implementing deformation method are presented. One of the new developments is a 3D multi-block moving grid method. In this version, a Poisson equation is solved by finite difference method to get the vector field for moving grid. Special treatment applies to the common boundary of different blocks. Another new development is a numerical method for reconstructing a given differentiable transformations by solving a system of div-curl equation directly formed from each point of the graph. The determinacy and ellipticity of the system of the 3D div-curl equation are analyzed in detail. And the least-square finite element method is used to solve the div-curl equation in order to reconstruct a differentiable mapping. Both 2D and 3D implementations are presented in this work.
Date: 2007-08-23
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