Heath Anthology of American Literature, Volume 1

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Heath Anthology of American Literature, Volume 1

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dc.description v. 1. The colonial period to 1700, the colonial period, 1700-1800, early nineteenth century, 1800-1865 en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents xxxiii To the Reader Colonial Period: to 1700 3 22 Native American Traditions 25 This Newly Created World (Winnebago) 26 Emergence Song (Pima) 26 Talk Concerning the. First Beginning (Zuni) 40 Changing Woman and the Hero Twins after the Emergence of the People (Navajo) 52 The Coming of the Spanish and the Pueblo Revolt (Hopi) 56 Iroquois or Confederacy of the Five Nations (Iroquois) 59 Raven and Marriage (Tlingit) 64 Raven Makes a Girl Sick and Then Cures Her (Tsimshian) 67 The Literature of Discovery and Exploration 69 Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) 70 from Journal of the First Voyage to America 80 The Virgin of Guadalupe 81 History of the Miraculous Apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1531 89 Alvar Nunez. Cabeza de Vaca (1490?-1556?) 89 from Relation of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca 89�from Chapter VII: The Character of the Country 91�from Chapter VIII: We Go from Aute 92�from Chapter X: The Assault from the Indians 93�Chapter XXI: Our Cure of Some of the Afflicted 94�Chapter XXIV: Customs of the Indians of That Country 95�from Chapter XXVII: We Moved Away and Were Well Received vi Contents 96�from 97�Chapter XXXII: The Indians Give Us Hearts of Deer Chapter XXXIII: We See Traces of Christians 98�from Chapter XXXIV: Of Sending for the Christians 99 A Gentleman of Elvas (11. 1537-1557) 99 from The 99�Discovery and Conquest of Terra Florida 100�Chapter VIII: Of some inrodes that were made into the countrie Chapter IX: How this Christian came to the land of Florida 103 Rene Goulaine de Laudonniere (fl. 1562-1582) 104 from A Notable Historie Containing Foure Voyages Made byCertaine French Captaines unto Florida 106 Pedro Menendez de Aviles (1519-1574) 106 from Letter to Philip II (October 15, 1565) 111 To a Jesuit Friend (October 15, 1566) 114 Fray Marcos de Niza (1495?-1542?) 114 from A Relation of the Reverend Father Fray Marcos de Niza, Touching His Discovery of the Kingdom of Ceuola or Cibola 117 Pedro de Casteñeda (1510?-1570?) 118 from 118�The Narrative of the Expedition of Coronado Chapter XXI: Of how the army returned to Tiguex and the general reached Quivira 120 Gaspar Perez de Villagra (1555-1620) 121 from The History of New Mexico 121� Canto One: [Argument of the history] 122�from 125�Canto Fourteen: How the Rio del Norte was discovered Canto Thirty: How the new general, after giving his orders, left to bid Luzcoija farewell 128� Canto Thirty-one: How victory was finally won 131 Samuel de Champlain (1570?-1635) 132 from The Voyages 132�from The of Samuel de Champlain, 1604-1618 Voyages to the Great River St. Lawrence, Encounter with the Iroquois 1608-1612: An 135�from The Voyages of 1615: Champlain, AmongWoods the Huron, Lost in the 136 Samuel Puchas (1577?-1626)137 from Hakluytus Posthumus, or Purchas His Pilgrimes Contents • vii 146 The Literature of European Settlement 149 John Smith (1580-1631) 151 from A True Relation of Such Occurrences and Accidents of Noate as Hath Hapned in Virginia [Smith as captive at the court of Powhatan] 152 from The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles 152�Book III, Chapter 2: [Smith as captive at the court of Powhatan in 1608] 154�Book IV: (Pocahontas's introduction to the British court in 1616] 156 from A Description of New England [Appeal for settlers to plant a colony in New England] 160 from Advertisements for the Unexperienced Planters of New-England, or Anywhere, or the Path-way to Experience to Erect a Plantation [Review of the colonies planted in New England and Virginia] 160�from Chapters 1, 2, 3, 9 164 Edward Maria Wingfield (1560?-1613?) 164 from A Discourse of Virginia [Here Followeth What Happened in James Town, in Virginia, after Captain Newport's Departure for England] 172 Richard Frethorne (fl. 1623) 173 Richard Frethorne, to His Parents (Virginia, 1623) 176 Thomas Morton (c. 1579—c. 1647) 177 from New English Canaan 177�from Book I, Chapter IV: Of Their Houses and Habitations 178�from Chapter VI: Of the Indians apparrell 178�Chapter VIII: Of their Reverence, and respect to age 179�Chapter XVI: Of their acknowledgment of the Creation, and immortality of the Soule 180�from Chapter XX: That the Salvages live a contended life 181�from Book III, Chapter I: Of a great League made with the Plimmouth Planters after their arrival], by the Sachem of those Territories 181�from Chapter V: Of a Massacre made upon the Salvages at Wessaguscus 182�from Chapter VII: Of Thomas Mortons entertainement at Plimmouth, and castinge away upon an Island 183�from Chapter XIV: Of the Revells of New Canaan 184�Chapter XV: Of a great Monster supposed to be at Ma-re-Mount; and the preparation made to destroy it 187�from Chapter XVI: How the 9. worthies put mine Host of Ma-re•Mount into the inchaunted Castle at Plimmouth, and terrified him with the Monster Briareus viii Contents Contents ix 188 John Winthrop' (1588-1649) 191 from A Modell of Christian Charity 199 John Winthrop's Christian Experience 204 from The Journal of John Winthrop 210 William Bradford (1590-1657) 212 from Of Plymouth Plantation 212�from Book I, Chapter I: [The Separatist Interpretatio n of the' Reformation in England 1550-1607] 213�from Chapter III: Of their Settling in Holland, and their Manner of Living, and Entertainment there 214�from Chapter IV: 215 �from Showing the Reasons and Causes of Their Removal Chapter. VII: Of their Departure from Leyden; and other things thereabout ; with their Arrival at Southampton; where they all met together and took in their Provisions 215�from Chapter IX: Of their Voyage; and how they passed the Sea; and their Safe Arrival at Cape Cod of217�from Book II, Chapter XI: The Remainder of Anno 1620 [The Mayflower Compact, The Starving Time, Indian Relations] 220�from Chapter XIV, Anno Domini 1623: [End of the "Common Course and Condition"] 221�from Chapter XIX, Anno Domini 1628: [Thomas Morton of Merrytnount] 225� Chapter XXIII, Anno Domini 1632: [Prosperity Brings Dispersal of Population] 226�from 227�from Chapter XXVIII, Anno Domini 1637: [The Pequot War] Chapter XXIX, Anno Domini 1638: [Great and Fearful Earthquake] 228� from Chapter XXXII, Anno Domini 1642: [Wickedness Breaks Forth] 229�from Chapter XXXIII, Anno Domini 1643: [The Life 'and Death of Elder Brewster] 232 Roger Williams (c. 1603-1683) 234' from A Key into the Language of America' 239� 241�Chapter XX: Of their nakednesse and clothing 249�Chapter XXI: Of Religion, the soule, etc. Chapter XXIX: Of Their Wane, etc. 254 To the Town of Providence: Testimony of Roger Williams relative to his first 1682 coming into the Narragansett country, dated June 18, 256 Anne Bradstreet (c..1612-1672) 258 The Prologue [To Her Book]260 The Author to Her Book 260 To Her Father With Some Verses 261 Contemplations 269 The Flesh and the Spirit 272 Before the Birth of One of Her Children 272 To My Dear and Loving Husband 273 A Letter to Her Husband, Absent Upon Public Employment 274 In Reference to Her Children, 23 June 1659 276 In Memory of My Dear Grandchild Elizabeth Bradstreet, Who Deceased August, 1655, Being a Year and Half Old 277 from Meditations Divine and Moral 282 Michael Wigglesworth (1631-1705) 284 God's Controversy with New-England 295 The Bay Psalm Book (1640), The New-England Primer (1683?) 298 from The Bay Psalm Book 298�from "The Preface" by John Cotton 300�Psalms 1, 6, 8, 19, 23, 100, 137, 141 308 from The New England Primer 308�Alphabet 309�The Dutiful Child's Promises 309�Verses 309�Again 310�The Death of John Rogers 311 Seventeenth-Century Wit 312 Nathaniel Ward (1578-1652) 312 Commendatory poem for Anne Bradstreet's Several Poems 313 from The Simple Cobbler of Aggawam in America 313 Philip Pain (?–c. 1667) 313 from Daily Meditations: or, Quotidian Preparations for and Considerations of Death and Eternity 314 John Fiske (1608-1677) 314 Anagram on the Death of Thomas Hooker: "A rest; oh corn'! oh"— 315 John Josselyn (c. 1610–post 1692) 315 from New-England's Rarities Discovered 315 John Saffin (1626-1710) 315 Acrostic on Mrs. Winifret Griffin 316 Roger Wolcott (1679-1767) 316 from Poetical Meditations x Contents 317 Mazy Rowlandson (1636-1678) 318 from A Narrative of the Captivity and Restauration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson 342 Edward Taylor (1642?-1729) 346 from The Psalm Paraphrases 346� Version 1, Psalm 1 347� Version 2, Psalm 19 349 from Gods Determinations 349 The Preface 350 The Souls Groan to Christ for Succour 351 z Christs Reply 354� An Extasy of Joy let in by this Reply returnd in Admiration 357 Some of Satans Sophestry 360� The Joy of Church Fellowship rightly 361 from Occasional Poems attended 361� 2. Upon a Spider Catching a Fly 363�4. Huswifery 363� 365�6. Upon Wedlock, & Death of Children 7. The Ebb & Flow 366 from Preparatory Meditations, First Series 366�Prologue 2,67� 368 �16.] Another Meditation at the same time 20. Meditation, Phil. 2.9. God hath highly Exalted 369 from him 369�Preparatory Meditations, Second Series 1. Meditation. Col. 2.17. Which are Shaddows of things to come and the body is Christs 370�Meditation 24. 373�Meditation 26, Joh. 1.14. Tabernacled amongst us Christ, etc. Heb. 9.13. 14. How much more shall the blood of 374�Meditation 376�43. Rom. 9.5. God blessed forever 50. Meditation. Joh. 1.14. Full of Truth 377�60[13]. 379 from Meditation. Cor. 10.4. And all drunk the same spirituall drinke A Valediction to all the World preparator the 11 m 1720, Version 1 y for Death 3 d of 379�Cant. 3. 382�Cant. 4. Valediction, to the Terrqueous Globe 384 A Suite to Christ here upon A Fig for thee Oh! Death, Version 2 385 Samuel Sewall (1652-1730) 387 from The Diary of Samuel Sewall 399 Cotton Mather (1663-1728) 401 from 401�The Wonders of the Invisible World [The Devil Attacks the People of God]403�V. The Trial of Martha Carrier at The Court of Oyer and Terminer,Held by Adjournment at Salem, August 2, 1692 Contents xi 406 from Magnalia Christi Americana; or, The Ecclesiastical History of New-England 406�A General Introduction 408�Galeacius Secundus: The Life of William Bradford, Esq., Governor of Plymouth Colony 414�from The Triumphs of the Reformed Religion in America: Or, The Life of the Renowned John Eliot 422 from Bonifacius . . . With Humble Proposals . . . to Do Good in the World 422�[Proposal concerning reforming societies] 423 John Williams (1664-1729) 425 from The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion 431 The Pueblo Indian Revolt and Spanish Reconquest, 1680-1692 432 Letter on the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 (Doti Antonio de Otermin) 440 Letter on The Reconquest of New Mexico (Don Diego de Vargas) Colonial Period: 17001800 447 - 470 American Voices in a Changing World 472 Sarah Kemble Knight (1666-1727) 473 The Journal of Madam Knight 491 William Byrd II (1674-1744) 492 from History of the Dividing Line Run in the Year 1728 496 from Secret History of the Dividing Line 512 Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) 516 Resolutions 521 from Diary 527 A Divine and Supernatural Light 540 from A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God 544 from Personal Narrative 555 Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God 567 from Freedom of the Will 570 from Miscellanies: Happiness, Millenium, Morality, Religion 576 To the Trustees of the College of New Jersey at Princeton 579 Elizabeth Ashbridge (1713-1755) 581 from Some Account of the Early Part of the Life of Elizabeth Ashbridge, Written by Herself 590 John Woolman (1720-1772) 593 from The Journal of John Woolman 604 from Some Considerations on the Keeping of Negroes 611 Poetry before the Revolution—English Forms in an American Idiom 614 Ebenezer Cook (1667-1733) 614 The Sot-weed Factor; or, a Voyage to Maryland, etc. 631 Richard Lewis (1700?-1734) 632 A Journey from Patapsko to Annapolis, April 4, 1730 641 Poetry before the Revolution—A Collection of Poetry by Women 642 Jane Colman Turell (1708-1735) 642 [Lines on Childbirth] 643 Bridget Richardson Fletcher (1726-1770) 644 Hymn XXXVI. The Greatest Dignity of a Woman, Christ Being Born of One 644 Hymn LXX. The Duty of Man and Wife 646 Hannah Grails (1727-1817) 646 On Reading Some Paragraphs in "The Crisis," April, '77 647 On the Death of John Roberts and Abraham Carlisle, November 4th, 1778 649 Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814) 649 To a Young Lady 650 A Thought On the Inestimable Blessing of Reason, Occasioned By Its Privation To a Friend of Very Superior Talents and Virtues, 1770 652 To Mrs. Montague, Author of "Observations On the Genius and Writings of Shakespeare"653 To Fidelio, Long Absent On the Great Public Cause, WhichAgitated All America, In 1776 Contents • xiii 654 Lucy Terry (1730-1821) 655 Bars Fight 655 Annis Boudinot Stockton (1736-1801) 656 To Laura 656 To the Same 657 An Extempore Ode in a Sleepless Night by a Lady Attending on Her Husband in a Long and Painful Illness 658 Milcah Martha Moore (1740-1829) 658 The Female Patriots. Address'd to the Daughters of Liberty in America, 1768 659 Martha Brewster (1710—post 1759) 660 from An Essay on the Four Ages of Man, Resembling the Four Seasons of the Year 660 A Farewell to Some of My Christian Friends at Goshen, in Lebanon. April 5th, 1745 663 Ann Eliza Bleecker (1752-1783) 663 Written in the Retreat From Burgoyne 665 On the Immensity of Creation 665 Anna Young Smith (1756-1780) 666 A Song 667 An Elegy to the Memory of the American Volunteers, who Fell in the Engagement Between the Massachusetts-Bay Militia, and the British Troops. April 19, 1775 669 Sarah Wentworth Morton (1759-1846) 669 Stanzas to a Husband Recently United 670 The African Chief 672 Ode Inscribed to Mrs. M. Warren 674 Memento, for My Infant Who Lived But Eighteen Hours 674 Poems Published Anonymously 674 The Lady's Complaint 675 Verses Written by a Young Lady, on Women Born to be Controll'd! 676 The Maid's Soliloquy 677 Impromptu, on Reading an Essay on Education By a Lady Contents • xv 678 Emerging Voices of a National Literature: African, Native American, Spanish, Mexican 679 Jupiter Hammon (1711-1806?) 680 An Evening Thought: Salvation by Christ, with Penetential Cries 682 An ADDRESS to Miss Phillis Wheatly, Ethiopian Poetess, in Boston, who came from Africa at eight years of age, and soon became acquainted with the gospel of Jesus Christ 685 Prince Hall (1735?-1807) 686 To the Honorable Council 8c House of Representatives for the State of Massachusetts-Bay in General Court assembled January 13th 1777 688 A Charge, Delivered to the African Lodge, June 24, 1797, at Menotomy 694 Gustavus Vassa (Olaudah Equiano) (1745-1797) 695 from The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African. Written by Himself, Chapters 2, 3, 7 712 Phillis Wheatley (1753-1784) 714 On the Death of the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield 1770 716 On the Death of Dr. Samuel Marshall 1771 717 To a Lady on the Death of her Husband 718 On Being Brought from Africa to America 718 On Imagination� 720 To the University of Cambridge, in New England 721 Philis's Reply to the Answer in our Last by the Gentleman in theNavy 722 To His Excellency General Washington .724 Liberty and Peace 726 To the Rt. Hon'ble the Countess of Huntingdon 726 To the Right Hon'ble/The Earl of Dartmouth per favour of/Mr. Wooldridge 727 The following is an extract of a letter from Phillis, a Negro girl ofMr. Wheatley's, of this town; to the Rev. Samson Occom, dated the 11th of February, 1774 728 Samson Occom (1723-1792) 730 A Short Narrative of My Life 736 A Sermon Preached by Samson Occom 751 Hendrick Aupaumut (?-1830) 752 from A Short Narration of my Last Journey to the WesternCountry 756 Fray Carlos Jose Delgado (1677–post 1750) 757 Report made by Rev. Father Fray Carlos Delgado to our Rev. Father Ximeno concerning the abominable hostilities and tyrannies of the governors and alcaldes mayores toward the Indians, to the consternation of the custodia. The year 1750 762 Francisco Palou (1723-1789) 763 from Life of Junipero Serra 763�from Chapter XXII: The Expeditions Arrive at the Port of Monterey— The Mission and Presidio of San Carlos are Founded 766�from Chapter LVIII: The Exemplary Death of the Venerable Father Junipero 771 Two Mexican-American Oral Tales 771 The Llorona, Malinche, and Unfaithful Maria 773 The Devil Woman 774 Enlightenment Voices, Revolutionary Visions 776 Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) 780 from Poor Richard's Almanacks 784 The Way to Wealth .790 A Witch Trial at Mount Holly 791 The Speech of Polly Baker 793 Advice to a Young Tradesman, Written by an Old One. To my Friend A.B. 794 from A Narrative of the Late Massacres 806 An Edict by the King of Prussia 810 Information to Those Who Would Remove to America 815 Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America S19 On the Slave-Trade 821 Speech in the Convention 823 from The Autobiography 823�Part One 871�Part Two: Continuation of the Account of My Life, Begun at Passy 1784 882 John Leacock (1729-1802) from. The First Book of the American Chronicles of the Times 884 884�from Chapter 3: Obadiah (John Hancock) challenges the Gageite (Thomas Gage) from Chapters 3 and 4: Jedediah the Priest (Rev. Samuel Cooper), with 884� Mother Carey's aid, speaks with the ghost of Oliver Cromwell 887 from The Fall of British Tyranny; Or, American Liberty Triumphant: Song, The First of May, to St. Tammany xvi Contents contents • xvu 890 J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur (1735-1813) 892 from Letters from an American Farmer 892�from Letter II: On the Situation, Feelings, and Pleasures of an American Farmer 895�from Letter III: What Is an American? 899�from Letter IX: Description of Charles Town; Thoughts on Slavery; on Physical Evil; a Melancholy Scene 908�from Letter MI: Distresses of a Frontier Man - 925 John Adams (1735-1826) Abigail Adams (17441818) 926 from Autobiography of John Adams :930 Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, March 31, 1776 930 Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, April 14, 1776 931 Letter from John Adams to James Sullivan, May 26, 1776 931 Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, June 30, 1778 932 Letter from John Adams to Benjamin Rush, December 25, 1811 933 Abigail Adam's Diary of her Return Voyage to America, 30 March¬ 1 May 1788 936 Thomas Paine (1737-1809) 937 from An Occasional Letter on the Female Sex 940 from Common Sense 940�Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs 946 from The American Crisis, Number 1 951 from The Age of Reason 951�Chapter I: The Author's Profession of Faith 953�from Chapter II: Of Missions and Revelations 954 from Chapter III: Concerning the Character of Jesus Christ 'and His 'History" 955�from Chapter VI: Of the True Theology 957 Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) 960 from The Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson 960�A Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress Assembled 964 from Notes on the State of Virginia 964�Query IV: Mountains, the Shenandoah and Potomac 965�Query V: Cascades, the Natural Bridge 965�Query VI: Productions, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal, Buffon and the Theory of degeneracy 969�Query XI: Aborigines, Original Condition and Origin 970�Query XVIII: Manners . . . Effect of Slavery 971 First Inaugural Address 975 Letters 975�To Martha Jefferson, Nov. 28, 1783 976�To James Madison, Oct. 28, 1785 978�To James Madison, December 20, 1787 981�To Benjamin Banneker, August 30, 1791 982�To Dr. Benjamin Rush, with a Syllabus, April 21, 1803 984�To Thomas Jefferson Randolph, November 24, 1808 987�To Henri Gregoire, February 25, 1809 987�To John Adams, June 11, 1812 990�To John Adams, October 28, 1813 994 Patriot and Loyalist Songs and Ballads 996 The Liberty Song 997 The Irishman's Epistle 998 Alphabet 999 Yankee Doodle 1001 Nathan Hale 1002 Volunteer Boys 1004 Burrowing Yankees 1004 A Song 1005 An Appeal 1007 The Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers 1008 The Federalist No. 6 (Alexander Hamilton) 1013 The Federalist No. 10 (James Madison) 1018 An Anti-Federalist Paper (Centinel) 1922 United Voices, a National Literature 1024 Judith Sargent Murray (1751-1820) 1027 Desultory Thoughts upon the Utility of encouraging a degree of Self-Complacency, especially in FEMALE BOSOMS 1030 On the DOMESTIC EDUCATION of CHILDREN 1032 On the EQUALITY of the SEXES 1039 Occasional Epilogue to the Contrast; a Comedy, Written by Royal Tyler, Esq. 1042 Philip Freneau (1752-1832) 1044 The Power of Fancy 1048 A Political Litany 1049 from The House of Night, A Vision 1059 To Sir Toby 1061 The Hurricane 1062 The Wild Honey Suckle 1063 To An Author 1065 On the Universality and Other Attributes of the God of Nature 1066 On Observing a Large Red-streak Apple 1067 The Indian Burying Ground 1068 On the causes of Political Degeneracy XVIII Contents■.... 1071 Joel Barlow (1754-1812) 1073 The Prospect of Peace 1078 The Hasty Pudding, A Poem, in Three Cantos 1087 Advice to a Raven in Russia 1089 Royall Tyler (1757-1826) 1091 The Contrast, A Comedy in Five Acts 1131 Hannah Webster Foster (1758-1840) 1133 from The Coquette; or, the History of Eliza Wharton 1153 Susanna Haswell Rowson (1762-1824) 1154 from Charlotte, A Tale of Truth 1154�from Preface 1155�from Chapter II: Domestic Concerns 1157�from Chapter XII 1158�from Chapter XIV: Maternal Sorrow 1159�from Chapter XV: Embarkation 1160�from Chapter XVII: A Wedding 1161�from Chapter =CM: Which People Void of Feeling Need Not Read 1162�from Chapter XXXIV: Retribution 1163 Charles Brockden Brown (1771-1810) 1165 Somnambulism, A fragment Early Nineteenth Century: 1800-1865 1179 1214 Myths, Tales, and Legends 1216 Jane Johnston Schoolcraft (1800-1841) 1217 Mishosha, or the Magician and His Daughters 1222 The Forsaken Brother 1225 David Cusick (?-1840) 1226 from Sketches of the Ancient History of the Six Nations 1226�A Tale of the Foundation of the Great Island, Now North America;— . the Two Infants Born, and the Creation of the Universe 1228 Tales from the Hispanic Southwest 1230 La comadre sebassebastiana/tona SebasSebastian 1232 Los tres hermanos/The Three Brothers en_US
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