The Norton Anthology of American Literature, 8th Edition, Vol. E

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The Norton Anthology of American Literature, 8th Edition, Vol. E

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dc.contributor.editor Baym, Nina en_US
dc.contributor.editor Levine, Robert S. en_US
dc.coverage.temporal 1914-1945 2012-08-27T19:27:53Z 2012-08-27T19:27:53Z 2012
dc.identifier.isbn 9780393934809
dc.description.tableofcontents VOLUME E: AMERICAN LITERATURE SINCE 1945 Introduction Timeline STANLEY KUNITZ (1905–2006) Father and Son After Athe Last Dynasty Quinnapoxet The Wellfleet Whale ROBERT PENN WARREN (1905–1989) Bearded Oaks Audubon I. Was Not the Lost Dauphin VI. Love and Knowledge VII. Tell Me a Story American Portrait: Old Style Mortal Limit THEODORE ROETHKE (1908–1963) Cuttings Cuttings (later) Root Cellar Big Wind Weed Puller Frau Bauman, Frau Schmidt, and Frau Schwartze Child on Top of a Greenhouse My Papa’s Waltz Dolor Night Crow The Lost Son The Waking Elegy for Jane I Knew a Woman Wish for a Young Wife In a Dark Time EUDORA WELTY (1909–2001) Petrified Man CHARLES OLSON (1910–1970) The Maximus Poems I, Maximus of Gloucester, to You Maximus, to Himself [When do poppies bloom] Celestial Evening, October 1967 ELIZABETH BISHOP (1911–1979) The Man-Moth The Fish Over 2,000 Illustrations and a Complete Concordance The Bight At the Fishhouses Questions of Travel The Armadillo Sestina In the Waiting Room The Moose One Art TENNESSEE WILLIAMS (1911–1983) A Streetcar Named Desire JOHN CHEEVER (1912–1982) The Swimmer ROBERT HAYDEN 1913–1980) Middle Passage Homage to the Empress of the Blues Those Winter Sundays Free Fantasia: Tiger Flowers RANDALL JARRELL (1914–1965) 90 North The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner Second Air Force Next Day Well Water Thinking of the Lost World JOHN BERRYMAN (1914–1972) From Homage to Mistress Bradstreet The Dream Songs 1 (“Huffy Henry hid the day”) 14 (“Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so”) 29 (“There sat down, once, a thing on Henry’s heart”) 40 (“I’m scared a lonely. Never see my son”) 45 (“He stared at ruin. Ruinstared straight back”) 384 (“The marker slants, flowerless, day’s almost done”) BERNARD MALAMUD (1914–1986) The Magic Barrel RALPH ELLISON (1914–1994) Invisible Man Prologue Chapter I [Battle Royal] SAUL BELLOW (1915–2005) The Adventures of Augie March Chapter One ARTHUR MILLER (1915–2005) Death of a Salesman ROBERT LOWELL (1917–1977) Colloquy in Black Rock The Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket Mr. Edwards and the Spider My Last Afternoon with Uncle Devereux Winslow Home After Three Months Away Memories of West Street and Lepke Skunk Hour Night Sweat For the Union Dead GWENDOLYN BROOKS (1917–2000) A Street In Bronzeville kitchenette building the mother a song in the front yard The White Troops Had Their Orders But the Negroes Looked Like Men The Womanhood The Children of the Poor(II) We Real Cool The Bean Eaters A Bronzeville Mother Loiters in Mississippi. Meanwhile a Mississippi Mother Burns Bacon The Last Quatrain of the Ballad of Emmett Till The Blackstone Rangers To the Diaspora ROBERT DUNCAN (1919–1988) Often I Am Permitted to Return to a Meadow A Poem Beginning with a Line by Pindar Interrupted Forms RICHARD WILBUR (b. 1921) The Beautiful Changes The Death of a Toad “A World without Objects Is a Sensible Emptiness” Love Calls Us to the Things of This World The Mind-Reader JACK KEROUAC (1922–1969) Big Sur Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 KURT VONNEGUT (1922–2007) Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter One GRACE PALEY (b. 1922) A Conversation with My Father Here JAMES DICKEY (1923–1997) Drowning with Others The Heaven of Animals Falling Postmodern Manifestos Ronald Sukenick: Innovative Fiction/Innovative Criteria William H. Gass: The Medium of Fiction Hunter S. Thompson: From Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Charles Olson: From Projective Verse Frank O’Hara: From Personism: A Manifesto Elizabeth Bishop: From Letter to Robert Lowell, March 21, 1972 A. R. Ammons: From A Poem Is a Walk Audre Lorde: From Poetry Is Not a Luxury DENISE LEVERTOV (1923–1997) To the Snake The Jacob’s Ladder In Mind Souvenir d’amitié What Were They Like? Caedmon JAMES BALDWIN (1924–1987) Going to Meet the Man FLANNERY O’CONNOR (1925–1964) The Life You Save May Be Your Own Good Country People A. R. AMMONS (1926–2001) So I Said I Am Ezra Corsons Inlet Easter Morning Singling & Doubling Together From Garbage JAMES MERRILL (1926–1995) An Urban Convalescence The Broken Home Dead Center Family Week at Oracle Ranch ROBERT CREELEY (1926–2005) Kore I Know a Man For Love The Messengers The Birds Fathers ALLEN GINSBERG (1926–1997) Howl Footnote to Howl A Supermarket in California Sunflower Sutra To Aunt Rose On Burroughs’ Work Ego Confession FRANK O’HARA (1926–1966) To the Harbormaster Why I Am Not a Painter A Step Away from Them The Day Lady Died A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island GALWAY KINNELL (b. 1927) The Porcupine Blackberry Eating After Making Love We Hear Footsteps Cemetery Angels Neverland JOHN ASHBERY (b. 1927) Illustration Soonest Mended Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror Myrtle W. S. MERWIN (b. 1927) The Drunk in the Furnace For the Anniversary of My Death For a Coming Extinction Losing a Language Lament for the Makers Ceremony after an Amputation JAMES WRIGHT (1927–1980) Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio To the Evening Star: Central Minnesota A Blessing A Centenary Ode: Inscribed to Little Crow, Leader of the Sioux Rebellion in Minnesota, 1862 With the Shell of a Hermit Crab PHILIP LEVINE (b. 1928) Animals Are Passing from Our Lives Detroit Grease Shop Poem Starlight Fear and Fame The Simple Truth ANNE SEXTON (1928–1974) The Truth the Dead Know The Starry Night Sylvia’s Death Little Girl, My String Bean, My Lovely Woman The Death of the Fathers 2. How We Danced 3. The Boat ADRIENNE RICH (b. 1929) Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law “I Am in anger—Sir—” A Valediction Forbidding Mourning Diving into the Wreck Power Transcendental Etude Shattered Head Five O’clock, January 2003 Wait MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. (1929–1968) I Have a Dream URSULA K. LE GUIN (b. 1929) Schrödinger’s Cat She Unnames Them GARY SNYDER (b. 1930) Milton by Firelight Riprap August on Sourdough, A Visit from Dick Brewer Beneath My Hand and Eye the Distant Hills. Your Body Straight-Creek—Great Burn Ripples on the Surface Falling from a Height, Holding Hands DONALD BARTHELME (1931–1989) The Balloon TONI MORRISON (b. 1931) Recitatif SYLVIA PLATH (1932–1963) Morning Song Lady Lazarus Ariel Daddy Words Blackberrying Purdah The Applicant Child JOHN UPDIKE (1932–2009) Separating PHILIP ROTH (b. 1933) Defender of the Faith AMIRI BARAKA (LEROI JONES) (b. 1934) An Agony. As Now. A Poem for Willie Best Will They Cry When You’re Gone, You Bet N. COTT MOMADAY (b. 1934) The Way to Rainy Mountain Headwaters Introduction IV XIII XVII XXIV Epilogue Rainy Mountain Cemetery AUDRE LORDE (1934–1992) Coal The Woman Thing Black Mother Woman CHARLES WRIGHT (b. 1935) Him Two Stories A Journal of the Year of the Ox 12 December 1985 Poem Half in the Manner of Li Ho Star Turn II North American Bear MARY OLIVER (b. 1935) The Black Snake In Blackwater Woods Wild Geese Poppies Hummingbird Pauses at the Trumpet Vine LUCILLE CLIFTON (b. 1936) miss rosie the lost baby poem homage to my hips wild blessings wishes for sons blessing the boats the mississippi river empties into the gulf moonchild [oh antic god] STEPHEN DIXON (b. 1936) Flying RUDOLFO A. ANAYA (b. 1937) Bless Me, Ultima Dos THOMAS PYNCHON (b. 1937) Entropy RAYMOND CARVER (1938–1988) Cathedral ISHMAEL REED (b. 1938) The Last Days of Louisiana Red Chapter 36 [Mary Dalton’s Dream] Neo-HooDoo Manifesto CHARLES SIMIC (b. 1938) Fork Prodigy The Devils A Book Full of Pictures Arriving Celebrities In the Street Late September MICHAEL S. HARPER (b. 1938) Dear John, Dear Coltrane American History Martin’s Blues “Bird Lives”: Charles Parker in St. Louis Nightmare Begins Responsibility TONI CADE BAMBARA (1939–1995) Medley THOMAS McGUANE (b. 1939) Gallatin Canyon MAXINE HONG KINGSTON (b. 1940) The Woman Warrior No Name Woman FANNY HOWE (b. 1940) [I’d speak if I wasn’t afraid of inhaling] The Nursery [The baby / was made in a cell] O’Clock [After this girl was grown] One Crossed Out [Nobody wants crossed-out girls around] [We moved to be happy] [When I was a child] Some Day [Come back] From Bewilderment ROBERT PINSKY (b. 1940) The Figured Wheel The Street The Want Bone Shirt At Pleasure Bay ROBERT HAAS (b. 1941) Meditation at Lagunitas Measure Faint Music Dragonflies Mating SIMON J. ORTIZ (b. 1941) Passing through Little Rock Earth and Rain, the Plants & Sun Vision Shadows Poems from the Veterans Hospital Travelling From From Sand Creek BILLY COLLINS (b. 1941) Forgetfulness Osso Buco Tuesday, June 4, 1991 I Chop Some Parsley While Listening to Art Blakey’s Version of “Three Blind Mice” The Night House Litany Sonnet GLORIA ANZALDÚA (1942–2004) La conciencia de la mestiza/Towards a New Consciousness How to Tame a Wild Tongue El sonavabitche SHARON OLDS (b. 1942) Sex Without Love I Go Back to May 1937 Little Things My Father Speaks to Me from the Dead Adolescence The Talkers First Weeks The Unswept SAM SHEPARD (b. 1943) True West LOUISE GLÜCK (b. 1943) The Drowned Children Descending Figure 2 The Sick Child 3 For My Sister Appearances Vespers October ALICE WALKER (b. 1944) Everyday Use AUGUST WILSON (1945–2005) Fences ANNIE DILLARD (b. 1945) Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Seeing KAY RYAN (b. 1945) Say Uncle Star Block The Material Carrying a Ladder The Failure, 2 Lighthouse Keeper The Niagara River Home to Roost Things Shouldn’t Be So Hard ANN BEATTIE (b. 1947) Weekend DAVID MAMET (b. 1947) Glengarry Glen Ross YUSEF KOMUNYAKAA (b. 1947) Facing It My Father’s Love Letters Slam, Dunk, & Hook Song for My Father [Sometimes you could be] When Dusk Weighs Daybreak Jasmine LESLIE MARMON SILKO (b. 1948) Lullaby ART SPIEGELMAN (b. 1948) From Maus JULIA ALVAREZ (b. 1950) ¡Yo! The Mother JORIE GRAHAM (b. 1950) The Geese At Luca Signorelli’s Resurrection of the Body The Dream of the Unified Field JOY HARJO (b. 1951) Call It Fear White Bear Summer Night The Flood When the World As We Knew It Ended RITA DOVE (b. 1952) Geometry Adolescence—I Adolescence—II Adolescence—III Parsley Thomas And Beulah The Event The Zeppelin Factory Dusting Poem in Which I Refuse Contemplation Missing Rosa Fox Trot Fridays ALBERTO RÍOS (b. 1952) Wet Camp Taking Away the Name of a Nephew Seniors Refugio’s Hair The Chair She Sits In AMY TAN (b. 1952) The Joy Luck Club Two Kinds SANDRA CISNEROS (b. 1954) Woman Hollering Creek LOUISE ERDRICH (b. 1954) Dear John Wayne I Was Sleeping Where the Black Oaks Move Grief Fleur LORNA DEE CERVANTES (b. 1954) Uncle’s First Rabbit For Virginia Chavez Visions of Mexico While at a Writing Symposium in Port Townsend, Washington The Body as Braille CATHY SONG (b. 1955) The White Porch Beauty and Sadness Lost Sister Heaven LI-YOUNG LEE (b. 1957) The Gift Persimmons Eating Alone Eating Together This Room and Everything in It Nativity Creative Nonfiction Edward Abbey: From Desert Solitaire Barry Lopez: From Desert Notes Jamaica Kincaid: From At the Bottom of the River Dorothy Allison: From Stubborn Girls and Mean Stories John Crawford: From The Last True Story I’ll Ever Tell Joan Didion: From The Year of Magical Thinking Edwidge Danticat: From Brother, I’m Dying RICHARD POWERS (b. 1957) From The Echo Maker SHERMAN ALEXIE (b. 1966) At Navajo Monument Valley Tribal School Pawn Shop Sister Fire, Brother Smoke Tourists 3. Marilyn Monroe The Exaggeration of Despair Crow Testament This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona Survivorman JHUMPA LAHIRI (b. 1967) Sexy JUNOT DÍAZ (b. 1968) Drown
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dc.publisher W. W. Norton & Company en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries 8th edition
dc.relation.ispartofseries Volume D: 1914-1945
dc.title The Norton Anthology of American Literature, 8th Edition, Vol. E en_US
dc.title.alternative The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Volume E: Literature Since 1945 en_US
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