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Pushpop: A Card Game

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Title: Pushpop: A Card Game
Author: Subramani, Vishal
Abstract: In this thesis we have designed and implemented an Android card game called PushPop. This game is meant to stimulate the interest of kids in math learning. The Android game has cards with mathematical signs instead of the traditional suits. To reach the goal kids have to perform a lot of mathematical operations which helps them learn maths in a fun and effective way. A study was made to classify PushPop into the various games under the research umbrella of Game Theory. After the analysis we conclude that PushPop is a non-co-operative, symmetric, non-zero sum, simultaneously and imperfect information game which makes the approaches we have proposed very challenging. All these properties make this game very interesting for research. We have designed and implemented 4 levels of the game with respect to the computer as a player. The simulation results include the win loss ratio of each level against the other.
Date: 2012-07-25

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