Expressions For Bond Stress Of A Tension Splice In Steel Reinforced Concrete

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Expressions For Bond Stress Of A Tension Splice In Steel Reinforced Concrete

Show simple item record Gopalarathnam, Jkumar en_US 2007-08-23T01:56:04Z 2007-08-23T01:56:04Z 2007-08-23T01:56:04Z October 2006 en_US
dc.identifier.other DISS-1501 en_US
dc.description.abstract The aim of the research is to develop expressions for the bond stress at a tension splice in reinforced concrete. Many experiments have been conducted inorder to ascertain the relationship between appropriate variables and develop an expression to evaluate the bond stress. The scope of this research is to use existing experimental data to establish a relation and develop an expression. Before the preprocessing begins, the data are organized into different categories such as bottom, top and side bars, and bars with transverse reinforcement. The existing experimental data is evaluated for statistical validation. It is then subjected to individual and relational variance tests to ascertain the variation of individual variables in comparison with each and every variable. It is also tested for significance of presence. This preprocessed data is subjected to correlation tests. Proper variables are then selected whose 'contributions' are significant to the endogenous variable which in this case is the bond stress at splice length normalized with respect to the square root of the characteristic compressive strength of the concrete. Once, the desired variables are established, a linear model is built and the coefficients of the desired variables are evaluated. The linear model is then tested for errors. Since significant error is to be expected due to the omission of number of variables, the equation is discretized over a discrete interval of a selected parameter.Thus, the error is minimized and a fairly accurate expressions are developed. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Ramirez, Guillermo en_US
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dc.publisher Civil & Environmental Engineering en_US
dc.title Expressions For Bond Stress Of A Tension Splice In Steel Reinforced Concrete en_US
dc.type M.S.C.E. en_US
dc.contributor.committeeChair Ramirez, Guillermo en_US Civil & Environmental Engineering en_US Civil & Environmental Engineering en_US University of Texas at Arlington en_US masters en_US M.S.C.E. en_US
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