Age at marriage, contraceptive use and abortion in Yemen.

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Age at marriage, contraceptive use and abortion in Yemen.

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Title: Age at marriage, contraceptive use and abortion in Yemen.
Author: Sunil, T.S.; Pillai, Vijayan K.
Abstract: This paper attempts to examine the extent of influence of the three components of fertility, age at marriage, extent of modern contraceptive use and the level of abortion on fertility in the Republic of Yemen and to explore the impact of a selected set of demographic and socioeconomic variables on the three fertility components. This study uses data from Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS)conducted in Yemen in 1991/1992 and 1997. The results from this study present empirical evidence of an onset of fertility decline in the Republic of Yemen. An important component of this decline is delayed age at marriage. There has been an increase in modem contraceptive use during the last decade. However, these methods are not widely used at early stages of family formation. The most common method of family limitation among women with large families is abortion. There has been very little change if any in the widespread occurrence of abortion during the last decade. There exist significant urban-rural differences in the levels of contraceptive use and abortion. Improvements in women's education and modern sector labor participation are crucial for increasing age at marriage, and level of contraceptive use and for reducing the prevailing level of abortion.
Date: 2004
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