Underlying Causes Of Forced Displacement

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Underlying Causes Of Forced Displacement

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Title: Underlying Causes Of Forced Displacement
Author: Sharma, Bonita B.
Abstract: Conflict and violence have displaced many people around the world. Therefore, this paper explores the broader underlying risk factors that bring population to a vulnerable state of conflict related internal displacement. The possible root causes of conflict explored here are sustenance, degree of democracy, and global economic power status of countries. This methodology follows quantitative studies with dataset that comprises of the countries with conflict-induced internal displacement for 2007. The results of this analysis show that all three indicators are not appropriate measures to predict Internally Displaced Persons and that the global economic power status of the country is closer in significance than sustenance organization and the degree of democracy that may cause Internally Displaced Persons. Finally, this study recommends local level studies to better indicate the causes of Internally Displaced Persons.
Date: 2009-09-16
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