Two Sites in Uvalde County: The Elm Creek Site (41 UV 67)

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Two Sites in Uvalde County: The Elm Creek Site (41 UV 67)

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Title: Two Sites in Uvalde County: The Elm Creek Site (41 UV 67)
Author: Young, Wayne C.
Abstract: Site 41 UV 67 represented a shallow and mixed multicomponent prehistoric campsite on an intermittent drainage in eastern Uvalde County, Texas. A possible living floor was located during testing of the site. This floor contained two hearths and four possible postholes in a mixed context with prehistoric artifacts of differing temporal periods and modern historic trash. Due to the badly mixed nature of the deposits and the lack of cultural integrity, the excavation was discontinued.
Description: Archaeological Site 41 UV 67 is located in eastern Uvalde County, southwest Texas (Fig. 1). The site is situated at the intersection of U.S. 90 with the eastern bank of Elm Creek and is 1.7 miles east of Sabinal, Texas. The site was discovered in 1974 during a routine archaeological surevey of proposed improvements of U.S. 90. In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation and the State Antiquities Committee and with Procedures for the Protection of Historic and Cultural Properties (36 C.F.R., Part 800), the site was tested during the first three weeks of March, 1979. The results of this testing indicate that 41 UV 67 is an Archaic campsite with shallow cultural deposits. The site contains a possible living surface and artifacts indicative of several cultural and temporal periods.
Date: 1979-12

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